Moray Gallery

David Milne

Making ceramics is a unique mix of meditation, master craftsmanship, product design and science. Making ceramics is the thing I like to do more than anything else.

At the age of 21 I started to devote my life to pottery and ceramics. This has been a wonderful voyage of discovery and a lesson in patience.

My dedication to ceramics took me on a long and varied journey from The Dunedin School of Art, to the American Craft Scene, then to a stone cottage in Central Otago.

While in the USA (Midwest) from  1998 to 2005 I had the pleasure of working with and apprenticing for many great potters. Their influences stay with me to this day. The warmth and generosity of these artists influences me as a person and a potter.

You could say the style I work in is a mix of the Mingaie Style, Sung Dynasty ceramics, American wood-fire and traditional French peasant style pottery from the La Bourne region of France.

I currently teach ceramics at the Dunedin School of Art. I consider myself to be blessed to be able to continue to explore ways of giving life to objects, borne of water and earth and baptized by fire.


Large Bowl $110.00 Vase $80.00 Mug $40.00 Large Jug $100.00