Moray Gallery

Ingrid Buedenbender

Ingrid Budenbender was born in Siegen (Germany). She studied Art at the University of Siegen between 1985 until 87, and had several group – exhibitions during that time.She moved on in 1987 to study Art and Art-therapy at the University in Nurtingen, completing her study with a Bachelor Degree of art-therapy in 1989. During this time Ingrid had several group exhibitions and also contributed etchings to three hand printed books. One of these books was on the work of the famous German poet Erich Fried. In November 89 she commenced work as an art tutor at the Filderstadt Art school. As well as tutoring, she contributed in many of the school group exhibitions. During 1990 Ingrid had her first solo exhibition of prints and paintings at the ‘Gallery im Podium 3’ in Karlsruhe. This exhibition was followed by a trip to North America where she spent 4 months studying the Art and Philosophy of the N.A. Indians. An exhibition followed the trip. In May 1994 she settled in New Zealand. She became a member of the Nelson Suter Art Society and from then on took a regular part in the Society’s spring and autumn exhibitions. In 1995 she had her first Solo exhibition in the Suter. Many exhibitions followed within Nelson. Ingrid has her work in various galleries within New Zealand, such as Dunedin, Whanganui, Napier, and Palmerston North. She is a member of theCentral Print Council of Aotearoa New Zealand since 2003 and takes part on many of their group exhibitions. Some of Ingrid’swork has also been featured in the yearly Nelson Art Expo.


Hand and Feather $300.00 Leilied bei Ungewinster $340.00 Las Piedras del Cielo I $330.00 Cloud Formation $420.00 Antipodes $330.00 Las Piedras del Cielo II $340.00 Leilied bei Ungewinster $460.00 Shift and Change $330.00