Moray Gallery

Kara Burrowes

Christchurch based artist Kara Burrowes' work identifies the complexity of the urban landscape and makes sense of it through her unique interpretation of selected elements. Through salvaging items that could be considered waste, Kara re-purposes objects into alluring and precious pieces. Pattern and repetition feature through collections and groupings to create vestiges of time. 

Kara is interested in the overlooked and mundane, those things that go unnoticed. This reflects her philosophy on life, paying attention to detail and identifying beauty and interest in the small things.

Kara has a degree in Landscape Architecture, a degree in Fine Arts and a Graduate Diploma in Design. She has exhibited extensively and her work is held in many collections. Kara has won many awards and in 2017 and 2018 was a finalist in the prestigious New Zealand Wallace Art Awards.


Hustled Anarchist $1200.00 Enclave Vestige $960.00