Moray Gallery

Marion Mewburn

For me, a teapot is something which is used every day so it must be completely functional - it must be well-balanced, it must pour perfectly, and it must feel comfortable to hold.  Which means all the functional elements - spout, lid and handle - must have specific characteristics in order for them to work properly. There are some 'rules' which can't be broken ... though it's always fun (and challenging) to see just how far I can s-t-r-e-t-c-h them.

 I start with a completely functional teapot, then embroider it with textures, relief work, structural and mobile elements, often with the aim of capturing humorous, poignant or dysfunctional moments in life.


Rainy Day Teapot $380.00 Flower Jug $105.00 Sugar Mummy $150.00 Sugar Mummy $150.00 Pouring Bowl $50.00 Rabbit Tea Bowl $50.00 Flower Cup $50.00 Sugar Mummy $150.00 Sugar Mummy $150.00 Sugar Mummy $150.00 Sugar Mummy $150.00 Little-flower pot $40.00