Moray Gallery

Rachel Foster

The New Zealand landscape is always a constant reference for my work, with its majestic beauty the sublime feels ever-present. My art practice began initially with a Diploma in Photography but painting has always been my true passion. It has been a realization of a dream to have recently completed a Post Graduate and Graduate Diploma in Fine Arts in 2022 and 2019 from Dunedin School of Art.

As a mum, wife, and art teacher, finding space in my life to pursue my art is always a challenge. I am determined however to find time to paint. My artistic process of layering paint and glazes lends itself to my daily reality of sometimes only being able to paint for half an hour each session and then return to my work later in the day.

I am a process-driven artist and I allow the paint to co-create with me by embracing the happy accident where pools of paint and dripping water on the canvas are allowed to reveal new and interesting images. The Otago landscape and waterways are a continual inspiration and I work from my photographs of local landscapes. Changing atmospheric conditions, and mist in particular fascinates me. I love how fog adds another dimension to the land, simultaneously obscuring and revealing new images.

My artistic references are diverse and range from J.M. W. Turner to New Zealand artists Bill Hammond and Garry Currin. I am also very much influenced by East Asian aesthetics in art particularly by Chinese artist Zhang Daqain.


Lake Ohau $1600.00 Oriental Summer $1200.00