Moray Gallery

Sam Broad

Sam whittles, sketches, frames, hangs, tutors, talks, hacks, glues, mentors, sculpts, bitches, prints, collects, sells, rants, sobs, sits, stares, murals, illustrates and works in art six days a week.

 He loves patrons, barely tolerates commercial art directors, is wary of public gallery curators, can wrestle fellow drunk artists when he has had a few, but often ignores their shows due to jealousy and envy.

He belongs to the Cardboard Misanthropic Humanist Party and can’t wait to “grow-up” to see what all the fuss is about.

His automata (interactive kinetic artworks that invite viewers to touch and control), paintings and prints are in collections around New Zealand and the globe. His print editions regularly sell out.

Recent themes in Broad's work include 1950s pulp sci-fi, Maoriana and New Zealand postage stamps. Broad juxtaposes these motifs in a style which the artist describes as, "future folk vs. colonial tea party".

Always innovative and humorous Broad's work draws people in. The work challenges and thrills viewers.


Two Heads Unbeliving! $120.00 Native Wood Pigeon $105.00 Shaolin Sheila's Poi-Fu! $120.00 Sparking Ihi Action $80.00 Okey Dokey Hokey Pokey $125.00 The Longest Ouroboros in Town $105.00 Pure New Zealand Honey $130.00 Venus Charms Snakes $120.00 Taiaha Swallowing $120.00 Ask the Shrunken Head $120.00 Crown of Life $120.00 The Centre of Our World $100.00 Pick-a-part $135.00