Moray Gallery

Anne Baldock: Mates & Scapes

1-23 December 2023

Everyday life can be monotonous and demanding - for me, it’s an ‘idea generator’. Whether it’s a trip to the dentist or the vet, a morning walk by the harbour or lying on the floor looking at the ceiling - ‘there’s a painting in that’ - the possibilities are endless.


Is that your husband? 

It’s a question I am frequently asked when bald men feature in my works. It could be, but sadly his face is not that smooth anymore!

Mates & Scapes is a celebration of people and place, expressed in two seemingly disparate artistic styles. My practice of moving between detailed humorous figurative works and impressionist or stylised seascapes void of any people, provides the necessary mental space to resolve issues and recharge, giving new energy to the next work. Sometimes the styles seemingly overlap morphing into a new direction.

Mates - The characters are ‘no one’ in particular, but they are familiar - you know you’ve seen them somewhere -  passing you in the street, in a cafe or maybe on the television. Interesting faces with imperfect features draw me in, subconsciously channelling me to feature in future works. Repeated shapes and patterns predominate, giving order to a busy mind.

Scapes - The places are real, I’ve set foot there - gazed at the setting sun, felt the icy chill wind or the damp mist pervading. No wonder the people are absent! It is that memory I paint; pared back and simplified using my preferred ‘toned down’ colours that calm.