Moray Gallery

Baden French: 5 x 1014 Hz

3-24 November 2023

This is the third exhibition in the Inner Drishti series. Drishti means looking point or gaze from yoga, relating to a concentration gaze; in these terms an inward one.

This brings to light the title 5 x 1014Hz which happens to be the frequency of orange light, a reflection of some of the colour used.

Upon seeing the paintings of Mark Rothko I was awed by the scale and the power of emotion the paintings had. To quote the great painter:

“A good painting whispers, a great one basks in silence.” – Mark Rothko.

I also think a vibration and vitality is needed as these are works from within, bringing the vibration of light and emotion to the canvas.

This exhibition extends and blends the human emotion into the image to celebrate tragedy by creation of colour to mark our memorials.

Since we are creatures of the light these paintings reflect this in the stark bold vibrating colourscapes.