Moray Gallery

From Karitane to Ngapara - Joanna Tokona

1-27 March 2015

‘From Karitane to Ngapara’ is a collection of oil paintings which represent transition and change.

Initially these themes were represented symbolically within a series of portrait works depicting shifts in relationships.  Choice of figures, how figures have been presented, objects of personal significance and facial expressions within each portrait represent growth between myself, husband Tāne, son Kawana, daughter, Tegan.   Most of these portraits, were completed while we were all living together in our home in Karitane.  A series of insect paintings, produced around this period, symbolised our re-generation and movement towards change. 

Early in 2014, we all decided to take up new residences in different parts of Otago.  Both children left for Dunedin, while Tāne and myself moved to Ngapara to be near each other while I continue to work as Head of the art department at Waitaki Boys High School.  A job I love.

In Ngapara, the night sky instantly appeared close.  We are also now living close to the tallest rows of Macracapa trees I have ever seen.  The textures of the land are most apparent.  It seems as if layers of bark and rock descend from the sky.   It is silent when rosters and pet sheep are not vocal.

All our whanau members and friends love to visit, as we continue to grow and flourish within this strangely fossilised, but beautiful environment.

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