Moray Gallery


5-29 September 2016

'Trees, trees, trees' and 'Around St Clair'
Woodcuts by Judy Smith and Heather Dunckley

Both artists have created their artworks by the process of reduction relief printing.

In relief printing, cuts are made into a flat surface of wood and ink is rolled across the surface then transferred to paper by running through a press.

In reduction printing, the artist develops all the colours from the same block. For each colour printed the artist cuts away at the surface and then prints the next colour over the previous colour. It is normal to work from the lightest to the darkest colour.

The artist must print the entire edition as she works, because the printable area of the block is reduced with each cut. There is no going back. For this reason it is often known as "suicide printing". The prints are all individually produced over several weeks each and are all small editions.

Heather's work is titled Around St Clair. It is inspired by the rugged St Clair beach and the delightful cafes and other buildings that have been developed to provide us with places to reflect and enjoy the wonderful beach and its surrounds. The cafes have been developed in refurbished iconic Dunedin buildings and the artist commends the owners for their enhancement, providing us with places of real character and delight. Inspired by the work of the American artist, Wanda Gag, she has tried to reflect this character by interpreting them in a quirky but detailed style.

Judy's Trees, trees, trees are woodcuts of the Dunedin Town Belt area and the Clyde, Alexandra area of Central Otago. She loves experimenting with colour and is influenced by the work of the great American woodblock artist William Seltzer Rice. Other prints she greatly admires are those of Dunedin artist, the late H V Miller.