Moray Gallery

Brian Adam

I try to make pleasing shapes from local materials and make them into comfortable, durable jewellery. It's by making things that I design my jewellery. My style fits between the crazy looseness of molten silver poured into wood and the high precision of spectacle building. I've exhibited my jewellery widely in New Zealand since my first solo 'Face Furniture' at Fingers Jewellery in 1984, and have taught specialty masterclasses to professionals in USA, Canada, and Australia. I now offer independent tuition to all ages, even post-grad, helping adults starting a jewellery career. And I let children have fun in the workshop on kids classes.


Earrings $332.00 Ring $861.00 Earrings $440.00 Ring $505.00 Earrings $195.00 Ring $390.00 Ring $378.00 Ring $380.00 Earrings $267.00 Ring $887.00 Earstuds $334.00 Ring $1000.00 Ring $667.00 Earrings $222.00 Ring $822.00 Earrings $180.00 Earrings $180.00 Earrings $135.00 Earrings $135.00 Ring $860.00 Ring $723.00 Ring $285.00 Ring $285.00 Ring $285.00 Earrings $139.00 Earrings $139.00 Earrings $84.00