Moray Gallery

Koji Miyazaki

Born in 1967 in Oita, Japan.

In 1988, I graduated from “Hiko Mizuno College of Jewellery”.  I studied jewellery design and making, stone grading, retail layout and design.  After graduation, I travelled to England, and worked for a jewellery company. 

In 1991 I immigrated to New Zealand, and in 1993 opened Form Gallery (in Christchurch) during which time I have also been producing and developing my own contemporary jewellery.

Since beginning work in New Zealand, my work has been represented in more than 30 group and solo exhibitions throughout the country.  I was invited to submit work for “Turangawaewae”, a national exhibition of selected contemporary New Zealand jewellers.  The arrival of world leaders and their entourages for Apec in 1999, saw one of my pieces chosen as a gift for Chelsea Clinton.  In 2000, I had a successful exhibition of my jewellery at Mozu Gallery in Osaka.

In my work I use silver, gold, pearls, wood and sometimes sand.  When I am making a piece of jewellery, I start out with an idea - something I want to express.  Next I put my design onto paper, and then I experiment with different materials and methods in order to translate my ideas into actuality.  I enjoy the design process and seeing the finished piece made.  Through this process, I am able to establish the origin of the idea and its meaning or story.

In my work I want to achieve balance and harmony (Wabi-Sabi).  I am also concerned with learning new techniques and improving my craft.  My life concerns are balance and harmony in all things, especially between my two cultures, and applying this to all aspects of my life.


Pendant $195.00 Ring $445.00 Earrings $185.00 Earrings $185.00 Necklace $845.00 Earrings $185.00 Necklace $785.00 Earrings $185.00 Necklace $645.00 Earrings $175.00 Pendant $120.00 Necklace $395.00 Ring $495.00 Earrings $245.00 Earrings $245.00 Earrings $245.00 Brooch $395.00 Earrings $175.00 Brooch $395.00 Earrings $185.00 Ring $395.00 Brooch $265.00 Brooch $265.00 Brooch $265.00 Brooch $385.00 Earrings $185.00 Earrings $175.00