Moray Gallery

Meg Van Hale

Meg Van Hale is a New Zealand contemporary jeweller and artist, living and working in Ōtepoti, Dunedin. In 2017 she completed her Bachelor’s Degree with Honours at the Dunedin School of Art, majoring in Jewellery and Metalsmithing.

Studying contemporary jewellery opened a new world of art making; an art form that can leave the gallery and walk the streets. Wearability is an important tool for audience engagement and connection. Jewellery can act as a personal keepsake or reminder, or link communities together in solidarity.

Meg strives to rediscover the love for the overlooked beauty in nature, the delicate chain of being, for which every living thing is responsible for maintaining.


Earrings $290.00 Earrings $210.00 Cuff $475.00 Ring $230.00 Ring $170.00 Ring $260.00 Earrings $90.00 Earrings $90.00