Moray Gallery

Tania Patterson

I studied Craft Design at Carrington Polytech (Unitec) in Auckland , where I learnt to work in a range of materials. I now live in rural Waipu and make both jewellery and sculpture. My designs, for the most part, are drawn from nature. I work in quite an intuitive way exploring aspects of things I love. Birds, dogs, seed pods, leaves and flowers have all featured in my work. Seed pods and their wonderful forms have been an inspiration and I have made many variations of opening pods with carved wood interiors. Other work explores the patterns and colours of leaves and flowers. Playing with repetition and light on both on a small scale (in jewellery) and large scale (in sculptural works). I very much enjoy the processes of crafting and the challenge of new techniques and materials.


Brooch $315.00 Brooch $225.00 Brooch $315.00 Brooch $280.00 Brooch $280.00 Earrings $140.00 Olive Sprig $340.00 Earrings $140.00 Pendant $445.00 Brooch $315.00 Pendant $485.00 Brooch $280.00 Brooch $280.00 Earrings $150.00 Plant pendant $360.00 Earrings $140.00 Brooch $315.00 Brooch $480.00 Pod pendant $475.00 Flower earrings $160.00 Dots earrings $150.00