Moray Gallery

Victoria McIntosh

A collector and hoarder by nature, I have always been drawn to objects that carry a sense of history. Dunedin's second hand shops provide rich hunting grounds for overlooked treasure and these finds form the basis for much of my work.

Tucked away in my studio I bring together the skills I was taught as a child around the kitchen table with those later learned at the jeweller's bench.


Necklace $680.00 Brooch $640.00 Earrings $220.00 Earrings $240.00 Brooch $520.00 Earrings $220.00 Pendant $360.00 Earrings $185.00 Earrings $340.00 Earrings $160.00 Brooch $420.00 Earstuds $240.00 Earstuds $250.00 Earrings $240.00 Pendant $360.00 Earstuds $240.00 Pendant $360.00 Pendant $360.00 Pendant $360.00